How Can Coaching Help?


Clients learn how to set realistic and achievable life, business or family goals.

Sounding Board

Individuals, families and organizations learn how to use coaching as a daily resource, when making decisions for themselves and others.


Each client learns how to navigate their own lives by using the ideas, tools, and research-based tips learned in each workshop or coaching session.


Specific principles and research-based methods are used to help parents control and manage digital devices, such as: TV, video games, or any other media influence.


Individuals and families remain loving through each transitional phase of their lives.


Individuals learn how to asses their life style and strengths, in order to effectively find solutions to their challenges.

Coaching Services


Coach collaborates one-on-one with the client who seeks to create an individual, family or business plan.


Coach collaborates with couples who seek to create a plan for themselves and/or their families.


Coach collaborates with schools, churches, prison systems and other community organizations, in order to assist those in need of services.


Helping clients transform their lives is the mission of my company. Whether they strive to become more effective leaders, better communicators, or build stronger business and personal relationships, for many, coaching is a much needed and highly effective resource.

“Meosha’s dedication as a Parent Coach helped me to become a better mother to my daughter.  Her coaching services are also the reason I am now a happily married woman.” -L. Joseph, Redding, PA

What can you expect?

Introductory phase

In this phase we will work to:

  • Schedule our coaching sessions. These sessions may be completed in person or via phone. I ask you to commit to at least 10 one-hour coaching sessions (12 would be great!), either weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Review and sign my standard coaching agreement. This provides the foundation for our working relationship and further outlines what you can expect during coaching.
  • Complete an intake form. Complete an intake form. This allows me to better understand you and your current challenges. After the completion of the intake form, we will have our first coaching session, during which time we will discuss your unique concerns and challenges as identified on the intake.

Discovery Phase

My coaching is conducted in a very collaborative manner. Our initial sessions will focus on identifying your strengths, and the resources currently available to you. This information will be critical to addressing your challenges, during the later coaching stages.

Dream Phase

After identifying your strengths and available resources, we will discuss your goals for coaching and your expected outcomes. During our conversations, you will be asked to think about: How may your life change after coaching? How would your child’s life change? What would be the positive feelings living in this New Reality?

Design Phase

With your strengths at the forefront, and your Dream propelling us, we now begin the Design Phase. This phase will take the bulk of our sessions. It is an energizing phase as you experience results—and usually many delightful surprises! During this part of the coaching, you are like an artist—designing new approaches with fresh ideas and exciting possibilities. You will implement these approaches, and will work with me to assess the effectiveness of these strategies. We will also work together to build on these successes and implement other effective strategies for more long-term fulfillment.

Destiny Phase

Our final few coaching sessions will be spent evaluating what approaches and techniques were effective for you, and why. By the completion of coaching, you will have gained an understanding of the key strengths, skills, and strategies you used during the coaching that helped you successfully reach your coaching goals. These factors will sustain you after the coaching—and most likely will be able to be applied to future challenges.