Be Yourself!

There is so much pressure to be accepted by the world’s standards. On varying levels, acceptance from others is how many people maintain their careers, are able to progress in school, and are able to maintain their family and social lives. From the examples of wealth we see in magazines, to the habitual beauty campaigns on social media, down to the stellar performers at work and school, the desire to want to live someone else’s life surrounds us all. Why is our search for happiness in others so extreme? There will never be a solid answer for such a big question. There are serious consequences when we accept someone else’s truth as our own, though; we lose sight of the important roles we play in the world. When the largest part of our focus is placed on the acceptance of others, the vision for our own lives become small and dim. It’s time to take a deeper look at ourselves. What are your expectations of this world? What type of life do you envision for yourself? Are you ready to make a plan for your life? While you are thinking, here are some Super Coaching Tips, which can help us all accept ourselves a little bit more.

Affirm Yourself Daily
Many of us never learned how to speak nicely about ourselves or to ourselves, as children. Some of us were never given permission to speak freely. Don’t be afraid to highlight the special qualities, which make you different from others. Do not be afraid to speak life into yourself. Each morning when I awaken, I look in the mirror and remind myself of the gifts I bring to this world. I remind myself of the things, which make me special. Give yourself credit for being a leader. Give yourself credit for being a creative artist. Remind yourself that you follow through with tasks. Don’t forget to highlight the fact that you are always willing to learn from your mistakes. Whatever makes you special, remember to point those qualities out to yourself, each day.

Say Yes To Your Happiness
Each of us must remember that happiness begins within. While it is impossible to always focus on the things, which make us happy, we are still given choices during our challenging times. Tap into a time when you exercised patience. Can you do that again? Is walking away from confrontation better than engaging in negative behavior with others? Regardless of the obstacles life throws at us, remember you do not have to remain in an unhappy space. Sometimes, taking a walk, taking a break or doing nothing can change any negative situation into a more manageable one. Are you ready to practice putting your happiness at the forefront of your life?

Practice Saying No
None of us are obligated to say yes whenever something is asked of us. Consider how saying yes to things you are not prepared to carry out affect you. Can you sleep on it before giving an answer? Are you prepared to live in your truth, if your answer is no? What could you potentially gain by saying yes, only when you mean it? Make no mistake, there will be times when we must bend and say yes, even if we mean no; just remember not to make doing so a normal practice.

Accept Your Position
Being the ‘odd man out’ isn’t a bad thing. Self-acceptance allows us to focus on the things, which make us happy. It keeps us from constantly worrying about the affairs of others so we can take better care of ourselves. Self-acceptance allows love to flow through our bodies more freely; we can give more honestly when we love ourselves. Once you get a taste of a loving yourself, making the choice to maintain it will become your priority. It’ll be a long road ahead; just keep walking it. Surround yourself with people who can support your journey. You’re worth the effort you put into yourself.

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