Meosha Williams

My coaching and speaking career began in the heart of my Bronx, New York City community.  I learned how to use my personal challenges as a way to help others redefine their own lives. Naturally, I gravitated towards youth, homeless families, students with disabilities, victims of abuse, or anyone else need of help. Realizing how much motivating others motivated me, I transitioned into teaching, which later led to a career as a Certified Coach, Mentor, and Public Speaker.

“She is the real deal! Meosha’s Coaching skills helped me to approach life from a new perspective. My life has been forever changed, professionally or personally.” -J. Medina, Baltimore, MD

My philosophy

“Whenever we are faced with challenges, we are all given the freedom to find creative and positive solutions.  We must learn to focus on the life of a situation, find the good in every challenge, and believe that we will create a normal for ourselves.

“The greatest returns in life are resulted from the investments we make in ourselves.” -Meosha Williams, Master of Science in Education