Meosha Williams

Life Coach, Parent Coach, and Public Speaker

Who I am What I do

My Mission

“As a Certified Coach and Public Speaker, my ultimate goal is to empower anyone who wants to overcome personal challenges. I strive to provide every client with practical and accessible tools for growth and success. Together, we find the life, health and energy of life’s most challenging areas.”

“Her motivational speaking is the reason I started my own business. I went to one of her seminars and found my voice and inner-passion.”

-R. Gilliam, New York, NY

How Can I Help?


Support you in your efforts and goals to take better care of yourself.

Sounding Board

Act as your sounding board and resource person for decisions that will greatly affect you and your child.


Make your life easier by providing practical ideas and tips based on the latest research.


Provide specific principles and research-based success methods for controlling and managing all those digital devices, as well as TV, video games, and media’s influences.


Help moms and dads stay loving parents through a divorce; help single parents thrive in chaotic times.


Assess you and your spouse’s parenting styles, showing you how to leverage the strengths of each of your styles to deal more effectively with your current parenting challenge.

You should also know…

During our coaching conversations you can expect understanding, compassion, and support. You can expect questions that may surprise you or prompt new ideas. You can expect to receive practical resources and relevant facts. You can expect to laugh more and be easier on yourself and your children. You can expect fun, abundant creativity and positive changes—Transformation for the entire family!

Get In Touch Now

“I want to find out about clients’ current concerns so I can effectively assist them with their parenting challenges. Through the coaching process, we will focus on the strengths of the parents and children, and work together to find viable solutions to their challenges.  It is the role of a coach to collaborate with parents and explore new approaches, and assess what works best and why.”